About us

Welcome to Starshine Castle & Starcastle Persians, 
and we thank you for visiting our web site. 

We, Ellen & Achim, are located in Thallichtenberg, 
just 30 Minutes away from Ramstein Air Force Base.
We handle our cats like they were our kids and they share their live with us.
We, my husband an me, have a small cageless Hobby Breed in the colours: 
smoke, solid and bicolour.

Our cats roam freely in the whole house.

Our thought of breeding cats was developed by the following reason:

Since a long time, cats have been living in our family.
Once, my husband and I, 
were lucky and got 2 female persians from the animal center.
A colour-point, we named her Minnie ist still living with us, 
and Henriette, a blue-cream, she had past away already

These to Persians haven’t had any pedigree, 
but that didn’t really matter to us. We just kept them to cuddle.
One day our sweet Henriette past away. That gave us a lot of pain. 
We recogniced pretty fast that our old Lady, Minnie seemed to be very lonely.
We decided to get our old Lady some company.

A male persian, his name is Uli got part of our family.
Uli, a young cream persian wanted to play, but our old Lady was tired very often, 
and so she didn’t really play with our young Boy.

We made the Decision to buy another playfellow for our little Boy.

This time we were looking for a female, blue-cream Persian. 
We wanted her to have the same colour our beloved Henriette had.

So we bought Cherry from a breeder

... and we had big fun with our sweet little family: Minnie, Uli und Cherry.

Now we had this two young Persians with a pedigree 
and we decided that they should have Kitten 
once before we get them desexed.

We wanted to do everything the correct way, 
collected any information we could get about the breed of cats.
I became a member of the FIFE 
and we gave our Cats all kinds of health-tests.
The result came out and we were told 
that our sweet little Cherry was tested PKD-DNA positive.

We were shocked about this Information. 
We took Cherry to the Veterinary to desex her. 
Of course she stays with us and we’ll make sure, that Cherry has a wunderful life 
as long as she is allowed to stay on this world.

We considered about our new situation for a long time, 
because we were upset that there are still some irresponsible breeders, 
who breed with diseased animals.

By that time we decided to start our own breed. 
We try our very best to make sure, the kittens are healthy.

Occasionally we have kitten to give away in caring hands or serious breeders.
We prefer Quality instead of Quantity.

Have we sparked your interest?
Call or email us, please.

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