In loving

These were the two Persians we took from an Animal Shelter to our home. Henriette, a blue-cream smoke left us after she had given us a very good time for about 9 yrs

. Henriette always was a real faithful companion, no matter what we were doing, she was with us.


My husband always mentioned: “h-e-r-e comes the Double-Pack“.


I remember, when we built our Terrace. We had to carry the whole material behind the house.There where many wheelbarrows to do and Herniette was a real big help the whole time!


She walked with me and the empty wheelbarrow from behind the house to the front, waited at the house-corner untill the barrow was loaded. On the way back, she hurried behind the house and waited on me till I finally arrived. She was with me as long as I was working, and I bet, she had made lots of meters that day. After the work was done, we went to the bathroom, she layed down on the bathroom rug and waited on me, to come to bed with me.


On Feb 17, 2007 at 03:00 hrs a.m., Henriette had a stroke, we took her to the Animal Clinik and were told, that they could’t do anything for her anymore. Henriette left a big gap in our lives, but she will be in our hearts forever.



Our Minnie, we also called her “Grandma” (a colour-point), she always was the cozy one. She loved  to eat and sleep. Her favorite place was on the chair in the dining room – because the feeding place is pretty close to it. The way Minnie showed me, that she was hungry, was sitting close to the feeding plate

... sometimes I spoil my “Kids” with fresh grilled chicken- or turkeybreast. When I did that, our “Grandma” wouldn’t leaf the feeding place anymore. She really guarded the feeding plate till the food was gone. In the evening, when we wanted to get comfortable on the couch, Minnie always had the fortune, to place her position somewhere right in the middle and we couldn’t stretch our legs out. That was different in the winter-time, when I needed a blanked. Minnie always got real close to me and wanted to be covered with the blanked, also.


On June 27, 2009 at 07:00 hrs p.m. our “Grandma” had a stroke also. We took her to the Animal Clinik and were told that it doesn’t look so bad for our old lady. We left the Klinik about 22:00 hrs with the thought to take her back home the next day. At about 23:00 hrs the Animal Klinik called us at home and told us, that our Minnie had another stroke and they wanted to give her salvation.


Minnie shared her life with us for about 11 yrs and she will leave a big gap also – expecially when winter comes and I need a blanked. Minnie will be in our hearts forever.

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