vom Brückchen



FIFE registered / spayed 

2 years old

In summer of 2007 Cherry got a member of our family, 
she is a real wild cat and she is also the Boss of our cat-family

She monitors everything with Argus eyes.

... and critical view ... 
when everything is under control, she can get comfortable ...



vom Brückchen



CFA & FIFE registered


Uli joined our family in February 2007. That time he was 8 months old. 
We had suffered a terrible loss and we hoped that Uli could fill this gap. Unfortunately Uli was a very shy boy. 
He took about a year until he trusted us. Uli ist still our Problem Child. 
We never gave up and it took us a lot of time and patience that he can feel safe in our family.

Our big Boy Uli ist always ready to play in the terrace.

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